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In order to make the most of the taste of the ingredients, the owner himself visits the market and carefully selects seasonal ingredients to offer to customers.
All of the dishes prepared by the owner, who used to work at a famous restaurant in Kitashinchi, Osaka, where there are many customers with discerning tastes, are all exquisite.
Of course, not only the taste but also the beautifully arranged dishes will whet your appetite.

​We accept reservations according to various budgets for New Year parties and year-end parties

Hot pot dishes: yosenabe, sukiyaki
Soft-shelled turtle course
Tecchiri course

Seasonal recommendation

Grilled conger eel

fried skin


​Please check at the store for details


Eel bowl

(We also take it home)

Normal: 1,750 yen

Top: 2,600 yen

Special: 3,450 yen

​assorted sashimi

1,300 yen


​ Lunch

Daily set meal
Dashi roll set meal
​Tonkatsu set meal

Grilled fish set meal

Sashimi set meal
​ etc.

680 yen
750 yen
750 yen

750 yen

1,080 yen

​A la carte

Japanese yam strip
cold tofu
​moro queue
​ etc.

380 yen
250 yen
380 yen

sliced raw fish

greater amberjack
​ salmon
​ etc.

900 yen
980 yen
880 yen

​fried food

fried chicken
Deep-fried tofu
Pork cutlet
​Assorted tempura
​ etc.

680 yen
480 yen
550 yen
980 yen


dashimaki egg
​ etc.

600 yen
600 yen
1,600 yen

rice dish

rice ball
​ etc.

200 yen
480 yen



Various soft drinks
beer, highball,
Chuhai​, sake, shochu

200 yen
400 yen


​We also have seasonal menus

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